DIY: Literal Book Shelves

One day while at Circle Thrift, I was rummaging through the 'Free' bins and came across about 10 books with decent and interesting cloth spines. The books sat on our piano for quite some time, and after a thorough investigation to make sure they weren't valuable (one was worth 20 bucks!), I decided to reuse some brackets I had laying around from another project. This simple tutorial is inexpensive (potentially free!), fun and more than just your ordinary shelf.  

Step 1

Scope out your local thrift store or flea markets for some cloth or leather bound books with interesting spines, and look for ones that will compliment one another.  

Step 2

Reuse or buy brackets, and mark holes where the brackets will lay on books. Drill holes into book, being mindful of the the pages(you can also glue the pages shut).

If you don't want to drill holes in the books, simply place the brackets on the wall and using a smaller single brackets in the center, slide the book onto the brackets.(See here)

Step 3

Level and organize the books on the wall in whatever way you choose, and drill brackets onto wall, or if you are not drilling holes into the books, slide the book between the top and bottom brackets. Decorate with light weight objects and Enjoy!