Winter Citrus Cocktail




Since I'm on a bit of a citrus kick, I decided to share a tasty cocktail of mine to celebrate leap day! Since leap day only comes to us every four years its best to seize the day with a delcious treat. Last week I posted about my Citrus Preserves and promised a drink recipe for the remaining lemongrass ginger simple syrup.
Winter Citrus Cocktail


1 3/4 oz rum

3/4 oz lemon or lime juice


Finish with a pinch of fresh grated ginger and orange zest. 
Pour the ingredients into highball glass and stir or shake. Garnish with any onhand citrus. Sip!


Want to know more about leap day? Heres a little history lesson about leap day provided by


Today is Leap Day! Julius Caesar (with help from his astronomer, Sosigenes) added Leap Years to the calendar in 45 BC. They discovered that there are actually 365.2425 days in a year and decided to compensate by adding one extra day to “Februarius” every four years. Under normal circumstances, a date that falls on a Tuesday one year will fall on a Wednesday the next year. However, in a Leap Year we “leap” over one day of the week, which is how this phenomenon got its name. Leap Day comes around just once every four years, so take some time to celebrate this unique occasion!