Watermelon Popsicles

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It's summer! Watermelons usher in a whole wealth of delicious ways to beat the heat. This wonderful flowering vine produces a bounteous & versatile fruit. From salads to soup to desserts, watermelon is one of my favorite and fondest summer fruits. 

This year I have spent the summer trying to feed children their fruits and vegetables. A mission I've realized is easier said than done mission, I have to say the least been frustrated with these harsh critics. When I read Mark Bittman's feature Watermelon, Man,  I knew I had a trick up my sleeve for the kids. This low sugar treat is a great way to get the kids excited about eating fruit without any added sugar. Watermelon is also high in Vitamin A & C as well as Potassium so they can think they're getting spoiled. This simple 'recipe' can be whipped up in a jiffy and is malleable to the wealth of seasonings that compliment watermelons juicy and sweet flavor.

Watermelon Popsicles

1 fresh watermelon

 Juice of 2 limes

1 sprig mint or basil

Remove skin from watermelon. Cut into chunks and remove seeds. In a blender, puree watermelon chunks and lime juice. Pour juice into molds and add a leaf of mint or basil to each popsicle. Freeze for 6 hours. 


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Ginger Peach & Black Raspberry Water


An ice machine breaking on a 90 degree day is a sad reality of summer. When scrounging for a refreshing beverage without ice,  I decided I had to get creative. I had just gone an picked black raspberries from my favorite farm in Jersey. I decided to macerate the berries with a few slices of ginger, peach & citrus then submerge them in water and stuck it in the fridge. The water instantly turned a brillant red and was absolutely refreshing. Now I like to take on of my 32oz. mason jar and leave it in the fridge with water fruit I have laying around. Weather it be to cool down, mix up the usual water chugging you need on these hot days, or to spice up a cocktail, I'm positively smitten with the simplicity and versatile uses of this flavored water. Now this recipe is merrily a suggestion, the brilliance behind this water is to use what you have on hand. Play around and experiment with different fruits, add a dash of honey or maple syrup and refill it and just leave it in the fridge to have around at all times. 

Ginger Peach & Black Raspberry Water

32 oz of water

1/2 cup raspberries

1 peach

1 lemon

ginger root to taste

honey or maple syrup, to taste (optional) 

Grab a large jar and macerate the black raspberries and peaches. Add the juice of 1 lemon and add 3 slices of ginger root, cover with water. Allow to sit in the fridge for a minimum of an hour. Replenish after each use and enjoy on its own or with your favorite spirit!