Apple Pie Moonshine


I love homemade gifts for Christmas. There is nothing worse than wasting money on a thoughtless gift that no one wants, but what does everyone love? Booze. I've been gifted Apple Pie Moonshine on several occasions and this simple and sweet mix is a pleasing treat on the holidays, when lets be real we could all use a little more booze. I used my favorite orchard Solebury Orchards in New Hope, who are famous for their Honey Crisp Apples. This hooch is easy to whip up and is crazy delicious. This recipe makes a BUNCH (4+/- gallons) and can be done on the cheap if your on a budget, for me it was around 60 bucks for ever thing but I already had the jars and cinnamon. You can also easily half this recipe. 

Apple Pie Moonshine

1 gallon apple cider

1 gallon apple juice

2 cups white sugar

1 cup brown sugar

8 cinnamon sticks

1 liter bottle of 190 proof moonshine or grain alcohol (I used EverClear)

In a large stock pot, combine all ingredients, except for grain alcohol, and bring to a boil. Add alcohol and pour into desired containers. I used 4oz ball jars and three large glass bottles. Add cinnamon stick to each container. You can drink this right away but it tastes best after 6 weeks.  

Ginger Peach & Black Raspberry Water


An ice machine breaking on a 90 degree day is a sad reality of summer. When scrounging for a refreshing beverage without ice,  I decided I had to get creative. I had just gone an picked black raspberries from my favorite farm in Jersey. I decided to macerate the berries with a few slices of ginger, peach & citrus then submerge them in water and stuck it in the fridge. The water instantly turned a brillant red and was absolutely refreshing. Now I like to take on of my 32oz. mason jar and leave it in the fridge with water fruit I have laying around. Weather it be to cool down, mix up the usual water chugging you need on these hot days, or to spice up a cocktail, I'm positively smitten with the simplicity and versatile uses of this flavored water. Now this recipe is merrily a suggestion, the brilliance behind this water is to use what you have on hand. Play around and experiment with different fruits, add a dash of honey or maple syrup and refill it and just leave it in the fridge to have around at all times. 

Ginger Peach & Black Raspberry Water

32 oz of water

1/2 cup raspberries

1 peach

1 lemon

ginger root to taste

honey or maple syrup, to taste (optional) 

Grab a large jar and macerate the black raspberries and peaches. Add the juice of 1 lemon and add 3 slices of ginger root, cover with water. Allow to sit in the fridge for a minimum of an hour. Replenish after each use and enjoy on its own or with your favorite spirit!