No-Bake Coconut Blueberry Pudding


Chia seeds are one of the most amazing health foods around. Yes, the once chia pet seeds also pack a real dietary punch! Rich in omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, chia has many benefits in one tiny seed. The interesting thing about chia seeds is when moisture is introduced, wether it be water, milk or kombucha they expand and become gelatinous. This makes chia seeds useful for vegans who miss jello and other such animal products. One of my favorite recipes I stumbled upon on the back of a trader joes package was to mix chia with coconut milk and create a rich pudding like dish. Simply combine coconut milk and chia seeds and allow to firm up in the fridge for a minimum of an hour. I experimented with different preparations, adding macerated fruits and honey. My favorite was this recipe but try any and all of your favorite summer fruits!



No-Bake Coconut Blueberry Pudding

1 cup coconut milk

1/4 cup chia seeds

2/3 cup maple syrup/honey

Handful mashed or puréed blueberries/summer fruit

Dash cinnamon

Combine all ingredients. Stir until chia seeds are completely covered in milk. Refrigerate for one hour or until firm.



Super Foods: Massaged Kale Salad

I have long been a fan of this hearty green, now regarded as a 'super food'. Known for its explosive levels of Vitamin A, C, K, and considerable amounts of cooper, manganese and fiber, kale is the total package. Kale can also boast that it is a strong anti-inflammatory, which for you older and sickly folks is pretty much all you should be eating. But all that aside, how does it taste?

I feel like every time I offer someone kale, they have a horror story of its bitterness and lack luster flavor. I'm sorry for those of you scared by a misguided chef who didn't know what to make of this wonderful green, but please, I beg you to reconsider writing it off! Kale is a hearty and bossy cooking green but is not a one trick pony! This recipe highlights the delicate and rich flavor that kale has to offer, but unlike your usual salad green, kale needs a but more TLC. In order to break down kales firmness it requires a lemon-salt massage. This may seem like a hassle but with all the benefits gained from raw kale, it seems like a pretty fair trade. Kale, which comes in many forms such as curly (pictured above), dinosaur, or red Russian, can stand up to bold flavors of this zesty dressing or a Caesar. Play around with with kale and get your daily values of vitamins! 

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Energy Ballz

My sister and I recently took a road trip to her college town and spent a few days with her soccer teammates. As usual we were cooking up a storm in the kitchen and exchanged recipes. Her roommates kept talking about these ‘energy balls’, a recipe given to them by their coaches for healthy eating in season. The balls, which can only be compared to Chef’s chocolate salty balls of South Park, are sinfully good and packed with healthy deliciousness. Though the name and shape of these goodies may lead to many inuendoes and giggles, the flaxseed meal that binds these balls together are filled with fiber, antioxidants, and Omega-3 fatty acids so you can feel less guilty about overindulging in them!

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Easter Dinner: Black Bass with Fiddlehead Ferns and Meyer Lemon Yogurt Dill Sauce

I was in charge of planning Easter Dinner this year at the Briggs' house. I picked up this Black Sea Bass in Philadelphia and took it home with me to Bucks County. My sister and I foraged the woods surrounding our house for the fiddleheads.

For you city slickers scratching your head about what a 'fiddlehead fern' is, it is a a young fern that has not 'unwound' itself into a frond, an adult fern. These tasty veggies are abundant (and free!) in our area and filled with omega 3 & 6 as well as iron and fiber.

This dish, which was was inspired by local ingredients, was a big hit and relatively easy. Underneath the fish is Traugers (a family farm in my area) sweet potatoes with golden raisins and roasted parsley root and fennel. I decided the bass would pair nicely with a yogurt Meyer lemon dill sauce. 

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