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Sarapan: Indonesian Brunch with Chef Diana Widjojo of Hardena

Join us this Monday @rowhousegrocery for the first in our community kitchen series with Chef Diana Widjojo of@hardenaphilly for Sarapan: Indonesian Brunch. 

Chef Diana will be preparing:

1. Bubur- Rice porridge with shredded chicken, cakwe (Chinese cruller), roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg and garlic crackers

2. Hagelslag- Dutch style toast with chocolate sprinkles and fruit

3. Tahu Kecap sambal- Fried Tofu with Sweet Soy Sambal

4. Bubur Ketan- Sweet Black rice pudding with salted coconut milk and bananas

We are honored to have Chef Diana kick off our series at Rowhouse as Hardena is a legendary institution in South Philly. 

Reserve your sliding-scale ticket today via Venmo @eclkdomestic with your name, number in party and donation amount or

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2-4pm// $20-30

As always industry receives 20% off! 

Diana Widjojo attended the Art Institute of New York City for Culinary & Management. Food has always been the center of her life and focus. Diana grew up in an open minded environment and learned to appreciate different cuisines from many places. Living in New York City and trying different cuisines from around the globe, she learned how to appreciate every dish, and from that, learned how to appreciate my own ethnic cuisine. The fact that Indonesian food was not known at all inspired Diana to think of ways to introduce it to more people. Ever since Diana and her sisters were young they would help their mother prepare different foods for her catering. They watched their mother work so hard and receive so much joy to be cooking for people that loved her food. Seeing that made Diana and her sisters want to do the same. Diana has worked in many different types of restaurants from hipster fast food in uptown Manhattan to fine dining off 5th Avenue, trying to learn as much as she could. Diana moved to Philadelphia to work at Noord to expand her knowledge of Indonesian cuisine. In February 2017, Diana and her sisters took ownership of Hardena, working tirelessly to introduce Indonesian cuisine and culture to the general public.